Give Your Business The Most Powerful Online Presence

Growth in any business is of paramount importance. This is regardless of whether the business stands in its Development stage, Startup stage, Survival stage, expansion stage or maturity stage. In fact, growth is one of the most challenging aspects also.

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Companies adopt various growth strategies for their business development. One of the key factors in the progress of a business is having an active presence on the World Wide Web.

As per the recent statistics, a 1 percent delay in page response causes a 7 percent reduction in e-commerce conversions. Understanding this immense effect, there is a need to choose a reliable web hosting provider.

A website, being the most valuable digital resource of a business, needs a strong foundation of such a platform which can provide the right technology with support, quality, expertise and security.

At Hostgator, we understand all your needs and challenges. So we provide a simple, reliable, secure yet powerful platform for Web hosting and Domains. Here’s how:


  1. Powerful Web Hosting at Affordable Prices

Hostgator not only provides you with a great platform to simply host your web site; rather it is committed to exceed your expectations along the way.


We can do that by providing unparalleled services with a top priority in terms of support & assistance, uptime guarantee and other services like unlimited Bandwidth and Disk space.


  1. Your Business, Your Customers, Your Domain – Manifested with us

This is exactly how you can start creating a powerful web presence! Choose from our easy and affordable web hosting plans and avail free products and services with every domain.

E-mail Accounts

Domain Forwarding

Free Mail Forwards

DNS Management

Domain Theft Protection

Easy-to-use Control Panel

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  1. A Dedicated server for your type of business

There is good news for websites with high traffic and large businesses. They can exclusively use our server’s resources and enhance their performance & security.

All this comes without maintaining server equipment. A good return on investment indeed with a complete control over your hosting environment!

Linux Dedicated server

Windows Dedicated server

Managed dedicated server

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  1. A simple and trustworthy platform for WordPress Sites

Now your Word press sites can be hosted at 50 percent discount with a much higher performance, double speed and a secure server.

It has been a hard task to build a sophisticated platform which is so convenient and simple to use, by our clients.


  1. Shared Hosting

If you are a Startup or need website hosting for a small budget, Hostgator still stands with you at every step. Choose shared hosting with us and easily maintain your website without any type of technical maintenance.

Linux hosting

Windows hosting

Word Press hosting

Open Source hosting

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  1. Disaster Recovery Plans with Cloud Hosting

With internet participation on the rise, businesses need to set up enterprise-class services.

For websites that need to maintain fast load times and high level of productivity, we offer Cloud Hosting facility. With its off-site data storage, this technology uses the virtual resources of several servers and can provide remarkable scalability, flexibility and reliability.

Its data mirroring feature ensures no data loss and ensures safety and redundancy.

Hatchling Plan

Baby Plan

Business Plan

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  1. Secure Business E-mail Hosting with Hostgator

Providing you with everything to stay connected, we provide the facility of Business Email Lite with prominent features and best technical specifications.

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  1. We safeguard you with Site Lock

An unprotected website is prone to many risks to its stakeholders.

Hostgator’s Stitelock Malware protector ensures safety from virus, hackers and spam. It identifies threat, scans daily and instantly notifies and fixes them for you.

Being easy and economical, it helps you build customer loyalty, authenticity and everything you need to hold a unique business presence.

Prevents Attacks

Boost customer Trust

Starts working instantly

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  1. Peace of Mind with Codeguard

Data on the web is precious. The chance of losing it can be dangerous and invite worry. With a professional service like Codeguard, you can keep your data safe by backing up your website. This important process can be done in very easy steps.

Connect your site

Initial Backup


Continuous Backup


  1. Secure your online transactions with SSL

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is a standard security technology which is used for establishing an encrypted link between web server and a browser. The usage of this technology ensures that all the data passed between the two remains private and integral.

Any important or high level information on the web like bank transactions need to go through SSL-enabled security.

This automated and open certificate authority is another service you get through Hostgator. It comes with many plans to choose according to your needs:

Positive SSL

Comodo SSL

Positive SSL Wildcard

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Choosing a reliable web hosting provider is a critical decision. Hostgator realizes the importance of high server reliability and provides you with valuable services and constant support. Build your business foundation with us and discover the huge growth potential that lies underneath.